Bayou Texar dredging

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I received the following update from Al Garza, the City's Public Works director, on the Bayou Texar dredging project:

Councilman Johnson,

The Bayou Texar Channel Dredging Project is approximately 80% complete and it is anticipated that the work should be complete before the Christmas holidays with the exemption of channel marker pile. To date approximately 30,000 cubic yards of material of sand has been removed from subject channel area; thereby reestablishing the channel depth of 10 feet and an operational with of 60 feet at MLW. The addition of 15 channel marker piling between the CSX trestle and the Cervantes Street Bridge will greatly aid boaters with navigating the channel along with providing additional information with regard to subject area being a NO WAKE ZONE.
This very exciting project will open up the channel and should maximize the daily tidal exchange of water within Bayou Texar, improving overall water quality.


ross said...

That's great news for the Bayou.

Where did they put the sand they dredged up?

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