Roger Scott pool progress

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Here's the latest update from Parks & Recreation director David Flaherty on the upgrades to the pool at Roger Scott Athletic Complex:

The Roger Scott Pool PFP project is going out to bid next week. Allowing time for selection and approval of a contractor by Council, the project should be under construction by late January, early Feb. Completion of the project is planned for end of April, early May. The pool will re-open on Memorial Day 2010.

While the three month construction time may seem to be a short time frame, the major construction components of the project are to raise the diving tank from 12 feet to 3.5 feet, remove the existing concrete decking and to replace with new concrete decking.

All other components of the project are not that difficult (construction wise) and should easily be installed within the planned time frame.

For example, the water slide is a pre-constructed item of equipment, shipped to the site and then put together very much like a playground structure. The building of the waterside when placed on site would be no more than a week or so.

The other components of the project are not difficult in nature to install. They include deck shade covers, piping for the water spray features and the installation of a sand filter tank which will be purchased and installed near the renovated dive tank.


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