Bayview Park lights

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Last week, I was made aware of an issue with non-working lights at Bayview Park, and asked the Parks and Recreation Department to look into it. Mr. Charles Morgan of Parks and Recreation reported to Mr. David Flaherty, the Director of Parks and Recreation the below email. I have also asked Mr. Al Coby, City Manager, to put the repairs into the next fiscal year budget.


We have looked into this problem earlier and have determined the problem to be shorts or breaks in the underground electrical wiring to these lights. To repair or replace the wiring will require the excavation of the parking lot and the estimated cost will be $20,000. as funding was not available in the present budget to address this problem it is our intent to ask for the funding in the upcoming 2011 budget.

Thanks, Charlie

In the future, if anyone sees any problems in District 4, please let me know at so that I can make sure they are addressed.


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