Tree giveaway

Friday, February 27, 2009

From Terry Thrash:

Normally you receive e-mails concerning local and regional tennis events. This e-mail is different.

My "REAL JOB" is with Woerner Landscape Source, a wholesale / retail landscape supply center. We are currently expanding our product line and business model on Creighton Road. We have doubled our land mass to 7.5 acres and will be selling everything for your yard and patio. These products will be a unique mixture of bulk landscape material, natural stone, hardscape products, different types of water features, plants, pottery, outdoor furniture, patio fire pits, wind chimes, bird houses/feeders; just to name a few.

We are currently under construction, but we are open for business. In honor of Arbor Day, we are giving away Cathedral Water Oak trees. These trees are about 3 ft. tall and are very healthy. As you may know, Escambia County lost 30% of our trees after Hurricane Ivan; this is a great way to start rebuilding our tree population...let WLS help YOU make a difference !!

I invite you to come by and see us; check out the show lot and pick up your free tree!!
Look forward to seeing you there.


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