Earth Day 2010

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Please see the following email from Chasidy Hobbs, Director of Earth Day Pensacola, about next year's Earth Day situation. Ms. Hobbs is looking for someone to take over the organizing duties for next year's Earth Day festival.

Hello Earth Day Community! I am very pleased to say we had a wonderful Earth Day this year. Thank you to all who helped make it happen!!

Next year I am planning to organize the environmental symposium highlighting how environmental issues fit into many other areas, like marketing, philosophy, journalism, psychology, etc. (with much help from several folks at UWF).

However, due to significant changes in my work and home situation I will be unable to organize the festival. I am actively looking for a replacement to take over as Director, Earthday Pensacola. I will be around to help this person (or, more appropriately, people) transition and organize and will have a detailed checklist of how I did it (not that the new folks must follow it, but merely as
a guiding tool).

The festival is an organism itself and simply needs organizing. If you are interested please contact me at or call 221-9485. If you are not, please pass this email on to someone who might be.

I look forward to passing the torch on to a person committed to sustainability on all levels, educational outreach for the betterment of our communities and celebration of our most precious gift, the Earth.

Chasidy Hobbs
Director, Earth Day Pensacola


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