Publix on Bayou & 9th

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Publix is in the process of renovating and reopening the former Albertson's at Bayou Boulevard and 9th Avenue. Although the location is outside of District 4, it sits on Carpenter's Creek, which feeds into Bayou Texar. District 4 is centered on Bayou Texar and I am deeply concerned about stormwater runoff into the bayou, as well as the environmental wellbeing of our entire city.

To that end, I wrote to Publix last year on behalf of Emerald Coastkeeper encouraging them to use as build as eco-friendly as possible and to do whatever necessary to mitigate stormwater runoff into Carpenter's Creek. I am encouraged by their response and look forward to working with Publix as they continue to renovate this property. Publix has pledged to add landscaping to the parking lot at the site which should help beautify the site and reduce the heat produced by the large asphalt lot.

Included below are my letter to Publix as well as their response.

PDF Letter to Publix

PDF Letter From Publix


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