Moving forward on the Community Maritime Park

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

As many of you likely know, I and other city council members recently questioned the most recent appointment to the CMPA and the process used in that appointment, which I felt the circumvented a process previously established by the city council.

While I am disappointed in the outcome of the vote, I hope that moving forward, all involved can come together to work toward a successful Maritime Park project. I plan on taking a more active role, attending more CMPA meetings, and doing all that I can to ensure the project's success while safeguarding the interests of my constituents. To that end, I have reached out to CMPA chair Eddie Todd to discuss the project and extend my offer to help in any way possible.

One aspect of the project I would like to focus on is the Covenant with the Community. The Covenant stresses minority participation in all aspects of the park's planning, design and implementation, and establishes a Contractor Academy to assist all interested parties in learning about the process, explaining the requirements, and boosting the number of minority-owned businesses submitting proposals. I believe that the covenant is an integral part of this project, and moving forward, I want to help ensure that it is properly implemented.

The CMPA's contractor academy committee will meet this Friday, and a public forum on the contractor academy will be held on Saturday. See below for details:



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