Bayou Blvd resurfacing to start as soon as weather improves

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The contractor responsible for resurfacing Bayou Boulevard has advised me that they have been delayed due to cold weather but will begin work as soon as it warms up a bit:

The project was scheduled to start this past Monday however due to the weather we have not been able to start. The FDOT specifications will not allow us to start paving until the temperature is 45 degrees and rising and if the temperature starts to fall below 45 we have to stop. The specifications also will not permit the contractor to place asphalt if it is raining or on wet pavement. Due to the current weather pattern I can not give you a definite start date at this time. We will start the paving at the first opportunity that we have a window of weather that meets with the specifications for a period of eight hours or more. I can assure you that we want to start and finish this project as soon as possible and will do so at the first opportunity.


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